The predecessor to this ISO 9002 certified company was established in 1989 to offer ink marking and demarking services to semiconductor manufacturers, principally in North America but also to clients in the U.K. By 1997, HGMDeviceDynamics had expanded its finishing product line to include tape and reel packaging, scan and conditioning, bake and dry packing, and in-house plate making for its mark and demark business. In recent years, DDI has rapidly expanded its capacity for all offerings while providing responsive customer service and following strict quality guidelines. HGMDeviceDynamics is proud of its reputation for customer satisfaction.

In 2001, during the worst downturn in the history of the semiconductor industry, DDI aggressively expanded its geographical presence to service its customers. The company acquired onQ Technology Philippines (“onQ”), which has been operational in the Philippines since 1996. onQ, also ISO 9002 certified, provides total finishing solutions to its clients in two strategic locations: LISP I in Cabuyao, Laguna and Gateway Business Park in Gen. Trias, Cavite. onQ offers the same depth of end-of-line resources as HGMDeviceDynamics, including recently added ink mark and demark capacity. onQ Technology Philippines was officially renamed HGMDeviceDynamics Philippines in fall, 2002.

In addition to buying the Philippines operation in 2001, HGMDeviceDynamics also purchased Set Technology, located in Singapore, a logistics hub for Southeast Asia. Set, which has recently been renamed HGMDeviceDynamics Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“DDS”), was established in 1993 as a division of Eberts Electronics and became ISO 9002 certified in 1995. DDS offers comprehensive backend support including tape and reel packaging, laser marking, lead and ball scanning, conventional and N2 baking and dry packing as well as IC chip visual defects sorting. Under DDI’s guidance, DDS has recently expanded its services to include ink marking and demarking.

In November of 2007, HGMDeviceDynamics sold all of it’s facilities in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia, and continues to have a close working relationship with the new owners to ensure customers have a solution both in the US and overseas.

HGMDeviceDynamics also acquired the Santa Clara, California operations of Reel Service, Inc. on Nov. 15, 2002. This acquisition merged the assets and customers of Reel Service Santa Clara into the expanded facility of HGMDeviceDynamics Santa Clara. This action further solidified our commitment to finishing and back end services in Silicon Valley, providing us with over 20 scan and tape & reel machines to provide superior quality and service.

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